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You're busy and we're here to help!

Hire a Virtual Assistant and spend your time on the most important aspects of your business. They are skilled professionals that can do many tasks quickly and efficiently.

Real Estate

While your property managers keep owners happy and charm tenants into vacant properties, your VA can take care of reports, application, renewals and process maintenance.

General Admin

Improve client relations, chase up important leads, generate profit, and go on that holiday you’ve been putting off. Leave the rest in the trusted hands of your VA!

Mortgage Brokers

Time and compliance pressures have weighed business owners down for years, now more than ever. Your VA will give you the breathing room to support and grow your mortgage broking business.

Financial Planning

Your VA will be dedicated to streamlining your business and will reduce your overheads, free up valuable hours, and allow you to focus on the profit-generating aspects of your business!

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to elevating our clients’ businesses and wealth returns.

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What We Offer for You

No Super Or Tax Payable

As required by the law, Australian-registered businesses will have an additional 10% GST on their billing invoice.

One Invoice Per Month

We charge a fixed amount every month so there won’t be any sneaky bills popping up in your inbox halfway through the month.

Team Leader Support

We’ll provide you with your own Team Leader who will act as a Support/Coach for your VA. They can provide information on your VA and their role and help solve any problems that may arise.

Dedicated Phone System

Your VA will have a dedicated softphone dialler system which includes unlimited calls to Australia from a local number as part of the package.

Are you ready to work with a Virtual Assistant?

From real estate and mortgage broking to financial planning and social media management, our Super VA’s can handle anything you throw at them. And that’s just a few industries they specialise in, they come with so much more up their sleeves!

Trusted by 100+ Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a VA means you can scale your business quickly, easily and cost effectively. Sound like music to your ears? Fantastic! The full-time offshore staff report directly to you every business day and follow your business hours. They’re basically an overseas extension of your local team!

You get to define the standards of how they work as well as the systems and processes they follow. You also have direct access to them via phone, email and instant messaging. Think of them as the Angels to your Charlie!

To get started, just give us a job description and we’ll either hire from our existing talent or start the recruitment process based on your requirements. We handle the recruitment, background checks, testing and shortlisting. All you need to do is kick up your feet, pop open a cold one and choose who you’d like to interview. We’ll even arrange it via video!

Usually, the recruitment process is about 7-14 days. However, it can sometimes be a little longer depending on the qualifications or experience level you need, our current pool of candidates, and how quickly we receive information from you. We are sure you’ll agree that sometimes it takes a bit longer to find the perfect fit. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

We’ll handle the HR and payroll management, and you have control over everything else! Just so long as it’s consistent with the initial agreements such as job description, work details, and work hours.

As required by the law of this beautiful country, Australian-registered businesses will have an additional 10% GST on their billing invoice.

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